From 10 million passengers, privatization, modernization, pandemic response, and countless awards, Aerostar is flying high into its 10th anniversary. 

Aerostar and SJU have changed dramatically over the past decade. Still, our mission remains the same – to operate a first-class airport that serves as an international gateway and point of connection to the rest of Latin America and beyond. Our teams made incredible efforts to become the Aerostar that you know today. We are proud to provide the highest safety, security standards, and customer service excellence that our people deserve. Here’s a glimpse into some of our stellar achievements from the beginning to the present. 

Special 10-Year Anniversary Edition: A decade connecting destinations

Modernization and Privatization

So much has changed from our humble beginnings to today. In 2013, we started a new chapter in our story by successfully privatizing San Juan’s Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport (SJU) under the long-term and public-private partnership with Aerostar, an over $296 million investment. In agreement with the Puerto Rico government, the airport will share the annual revenue of 5-10% for lease payments. As agreed upon with the FAA and Commonwealth government, our mission is to modernize the airport and rehabilitate it to maintain the Part 139 Certificate. 

Aerostar came in with a hammer and implemented incredible changes such as chopping down trees around the ILS, redesigning the inside of the Airport, adding new jetways, implementing a state-of-the-art baggage screening system, supporting locals by bringing in new stores, and more! The renovations were constantly undergone while the airport worked through Hurricane Maria and the pandemic. Even so, international cargo and passenger traffic has continuously increased by 230% since 2013.

Today, Aerostar is renovating terminals, implementing expansion plans, runway reconstructions, and other technological advancements, such as the speeding identification process from CLEAR. The P3 Projects underway such economic competitiveness, protecting infrastructure, smart technology, and private sector investments. The mentioned projects will help the airport generate more revenue, continue an excellent working environment, and surpass the projected 17.9 million passengers by 2024.

Milestones and Awards

Construction starting date: In 1946, the first construction permits were approved, following construction in 1947. Finally, on May 22, 1955, the airport was inaugurated and named after the first governor elected by the people. 

Contract Signing Day Aerostar: On February 27th, 2013, SJU became the first International Airport in the US with a P3 administration model. 

Commercial Industrial Impact Award: Granted by the Builders Association of Puerto Rico in 2016.

Excellence Award for Airport Training: Granted by the American Association of Airport Executives (”AAAE”) ANTN Digicast in 2016. 

Air Carrier Airport Manager of the Year Award: The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) was awarded to the airport in 2016. 

Best Operational Project Award: In 2017, the award was granted by the P3 Awards.Content

24HR reestablishment of operations: After Hurricane María in 2017, the airport was able to get back on its feet and open operations to aid in the recovery of Puerto Rico.

Pandemic Response: In 2021, the airport was able to place action safety protocols to keep passengers and workers safe.

10.3M passengers!: This past 2022, SJU hit the highest record of passengers.

These past ten years have flown by!

Aerostar is incredibly proud to serve over 10 million passengers, the community, and appreciates the ongoing support.

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